Effective for rehydrating calves



Under certain circumstances, for example high environmental temperatures, the fluid balance of young calves should be supported. Loss of body salts impacts the condition of the calf. Farm-O-San PowerFit contains electrolytes to rehydrate the calf and dextrose as a source of energy.


Mix 50g Farm-O-San PowerFit in 1 litre water (min. 40˚C). Drinking temperature 25-30ºC. Feed ad libitum for several feedings.

After recovery slowly turn over to milk replacer.

Supply extra water between feedings added with 25g Farm-O-San PowerFit per litre. Administer for at least 2-3 days, up to a maximum of 7 days.


Farm-O-San PowerFit contains dextrose and electrolytes.


Farm-O-San PowerFit is easy to use and is effective for rehydrating calves.

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