Effective for rehydrating calves



In case of stress, for example as a result of transport or high environmental temperatures, the fluid balance of young beef calves should be supported. This causes a loss of body salts and reduces the condition of the calf.


Mix 50g Farm-O-San PowerFit in 1 litre water (min. 40˚C). Drinking temperature 25-30ºC. Feed ad libitum for several feedings.

After recovery slowly turn over to milk replacer.

Supply extra water between feedings added with 25g Farm-O-San PowerFit per litre. Administer for at least 2-3 days, up to a maximum of 7 days.



Farm-O-San PowerFit contains dextrose and electrolytes.


Farm-O-San PowerFit is easy to use and is effective for rehydrating calves.

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