A quick solution for calf scours



Diarrhoea is the leading cause of calf dehydration, reduced growth and calf mortality. Farm-O-San Rediar is a dietetic feed that stabilises the water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion in case of diarrhoea.


Feed milk (replacer) with 25g of Farm-O-San Rediar added per litre and administer this for a maximum of 3 days.

In case of more severe problems, prepare a Farm-O-San Rediar solution by mixing 50g of powder per litre of water (40˚C). Withdraw the milk (replacer) and feed 2-3 litres Rediar solution, 2 to 3 times per day for a period of up to of 2 days. After that, slowly re-introduce milk feeding by adding 25g of Farm-O-San Rediar per litre of milk. If Farm-O-San Rediar is added to milk (replacer), calves should always have free access to water.


Farm-O-San Rediar contains the correct amount of electrolytes, is highly palatable and contains psyllium husk that forms a gel in the intestine of the calf.


Farm-O-San Rediar is highly palatable and works fast because it has gel forming capacity. In contrast to several competitor products, it has the electrolyte composition advised by experts in the field.

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“It is important that the same person looks after the calves every day, as this person can compare how the calves are today with how were the day before. It means you will act immediately in case of abnormalities. Also, women are more patient”, she adds with a smile."Calves do well on Farm-O-San Rediar, I always notice a fast effect. I can’t recall we ever lost a calf because of diarrhoea.”

Farmer Kooistra and his wife Gea Solle,
The Netherlands