Farm-O-San Redipig is a dietetic feed for piglets to stabilise water and electrolyte balance in case of  diarrhoea.


Use Farm-O-San Redipig in piglets up to a body weight of approximately 35kg. Prepare a solution by adding 50g per litre of Farm-O-San Redipig to warm water and feed this solution to the piglets.

In case piglet milk replacer is used, add 25g per litre Farm-O-San Redipig to the piglet milk replacer.


Farm-O-San Redipig contains psyllium husk and a probiotic which supports the bacterial balance in the intestines.


Farm-O-San Redipig is a highly palatable product that stabilises the water and electrolyte balance. Because Farm-O-San Redipig contains psyllium husk, it works fast. 

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