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Directly before and during calving, cows do not eat and drink, but they do lose water and electrolytes, and their blood calcium level goes down. This may turn the animal listless, resulting in a reduction of dry matter intake. Farm-O-San Reviva is a highly palatable post calving drink for cows, containing large amounts of calcium and energy. It quickly rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in the cow.


Mix 1kg of Farm-O-San Reviva with 20 litres of luke warm water and adminsiter it once, immediately after calving and before free access to drinking water is given.


Farm-O-San Reviva is highly palatable, contains a large amount of calcium as well as a substance improving calcium uptake from the gut, an easy to digest source of energy and electrolytes.


Farm-O-San Reviva should be given immediately after calving. It contains calcium and stimulates dry matter intake after calving.

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"With Farm-O-San Reviva the cows seem to transition much smoother"

Farmer James Frankpitt, UK

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"The free access approach of cows taking it of their own is a huge benefit. It's nice to know that these cows get their energy and electrolyte levels back to normal"

Veterinarian Andrew Biggs, UK

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Restore nutrient balance after calving with Farm-O-San Reviva

Farm-O-San Reviva contains all the electrolytes, calcium and energy a cow needs to quickly restore its nutrient balance after calving. Farm-O-San Reviva also stimulates dry matter intake after calving, which helps in maintaining good milk production and body condition.

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