Scours in piglets is a common problem, but can be prevented to a large extent

Scours in piglets

Maintaining gut health and immunity has a major impact on piglets. Digestive disorders such as scours can lead to fluid loss and dehydration. Piglets can lose 10-12% of body weight in moisture, which has a major impact on their health. During this period, growth retardation and a higher mortality can be the consequence of piglet scours. Most piglets die as a result of dehydration.

How to reduce piglet scours?

  • Ensure the sow is clean before it enters the farrowing pen
  • Use clean and disinfected buckets and preferably use separate boots and clothing in the piglet area
  • Make sure the piglets have easy access to the sow
  • Start with piglet feed at an early age. Make sure the feed is prepared following the instructions and provide adequate feeding areas (up to eight piglets per feeding area)
  • Provide adequate drinking water
  • Check piglets twice daily in the farrowing pen for signs of neonatal diarrhoea
  • Consider vaccination of the sows against pig scours

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