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Vitality after birth

Colostrum is essential for building the immune system of the newborn piglet and providing the piglet with energy. It is the ideal source of antibodies, energy and other nutrients for newborn piglets. During the first days of lactation, piglets should receive colostrum from the sow. Tremendous advances in piglet production per sow have taken place in recent years: litter sizes are larger, but also contain more low birth weight piglets. Due to extended farrowing time the last piglets of a litter are often too weak to suckle, such that they are unable to consume sufficient colostrum.

How to ensure as many newborn piglets are vital after birth?

  • Provide a clean and well heated piglet nest (about 34°C).
  • Act immediately in case of farrowing problems
  • Ensure that the newborn piglets have good access to the teats of the sow immediately after birth to ensure they can drink enough colostrum
  • Keep an eye on piglets that do not nurse during the first hours of life and provide these piglets with extra colostrum or a colostrum substitute.
  • Piglets from gilts will have less farm-specific immune resistance, additional support for their newborn piglets should be considered.

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