Ruminant nutrition and production

The first few weeks of life are a crucial period for calves and lambs. Optimal nutrition and healthcare during this period will ensure optimal growth in the young animal, preparing it to become a highly productive animal later in life. For cows and ewes, giving birth to a calf or a lamb marks the transition from pregnancy to production of colostrum and milk. Managing this transition successfully is key to successful cattle and sheep farming.

Dairy farming

Calf rearing is an essential element of dairy farming. Trials demonstrate that every gram of pre-weaning Average Daily Growth results in 4 litres of extra milk production during the first lactation. Equally important is dry cow management. Many of the health problems that occur during the first weeks of lactation result in loss of milk production. Optimising dry cow management and nutrition will improve performance during the lactation period.

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Beef farming

Optimal nutrition will only result in optimal growth if an animal is healthy. Transitions such as weaning have an impact on beef cattle. An additional challenge in beef farming is that animals from different sources are often mixed, increasing the impact on the health of beef calves.

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Sheep farming

The period immediately before lambing and the first few weeks after the lambs are born is crucial for the performance of a sheep farm. Managing the energy metabolism of the ewe correctly is crucial to ensure an optimal start of milk production. This in term will ensure optimal growth and health of the lambs.

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