The health benefits of colostrum for lambs cannot be underestimated

Lamb rearing

Raising lambs successfully starts with providing the lamb health benefits that come with lamb colostrum. Once the lambs have received enough colostrum, it is important that the ewe produces sufficient amounts of milk up to the end of lactation, to ensure you will be weaning lambs of excellent quality. Management of the energy balance and the calcium supply of the ewes is crucial for this.

Colostrum management

Colostrum contains antibodies that the lamb needs to develop immunity. These antibodies can only be absorbed during the first 24 hours after birth. Therefore, every lamb needs 100ml/kg bodyweight of sheep colostrum in the first four hours of life and a total of 200ml/kg bodyweight before the end of its first day.

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Sheep lungs are very vulnerable and therefore, particularly in young lambs, managing respiration is crucial to ensure optimal growth and performance. A programme to manage lung performance should therefore be put in place.

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